ICAD Upstart Programme for aispiring art directors, copywriters and designers

The ‘Upstart’ programme is designed to help aspiring art directors, copywriters and designers make the practical closer step towards working in real places. ICAD will be running this programme in 2008 for the third consecutive year, building on the success of the first two years through which many ‘upstarts’ (participants) got jobs in some of the top studios and agencies. There are 2 programmes, one in advertising and one in design. Each programme will see 12 ‘upstarts’ go to 6 of the top design studios/ advertising agencies in Dublin over a period of 6 weeks (end August – early October).

It is not full time – rather, there will be a workshop each Monday evening where they present the work they have done over the previous week. They will be assigned a mentor to guide them in the process. It will finish with an exhibition as part of Design Week 08, so not only will the ‘upstarts’ build up their book but they will meet potential employers. There is no fee for the programme, although participants will need to become student members of ICAD.

Go to http://www.icad.ie/event_upstart_2008.php to download your application form!


~ by Austin Maguire on June 26, 2008.

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