Perfect Hearing by Austin

iF Award Winner for Packaging 2008

Widex is a world leader in digital hearing aid manufacturing.

Working with Goodmoring Technology in Denmark I helped Widex design the high definition hearing universal packaging to use with a wide variety of their most popular devices including their m- and AIKIA series.

As a design meant for universal shipping for a multitude of products, the inner layers of the packaging can be modified by the doctors to fit exactly the content most optimal for the end user. The included transportation pouch is designed to give maximum protection of the devices during transport and at the same time have delicate touchpoints with the refined hearing aid. To achieve this, we designed a double moulded silicone container for the pouch that fits the whole series of devices, enabling Widex to use this packagin worldwide in all major markets.

The design has been awarded with the internatinally renowned designprizes iF Award 2008 and PRINT Magazines International Business Award 2008.

The Widex Packaging has been featured on some of the most influental design forums across the Internet, highly appraised.


~ by Austin Maguire on June 26, 2008.

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