Dansk Dynamit: We are red, we are white, we are……

Dansk Dynamit is a website run by a talented friend of ours in Copenhagen, a saintly gent called Philip Dam Roadley-Battin. He’s a hedonic mix of Scottish and Danish gene’s, the same passion for drinking as a Scot, coupled with the inability to withstand alcohol like a Dane, you can see where thats going. Philip, and his alter-ego are a leading light in Danish Design, a graphic and web designer, a video DJ (VJ), an accomplished photographer and an extreme surfer, its amazing he ever has time to sleep. His site Dansk Dynamit is receiving rave reviews, featuring in the Cultural section of Politiken on-line (one of Denmarks biggest newspapers) and in the current issue of Danish magazine Euroman. Philip who works for Austin’s old company Goodmorning Technology in Denmark recently found out that he has been admitted to the Masters Programme at the prestigious Danish Design Skole, so it’ll be 5 more years of studying and madness for him! Congratulations Philip!

Check out his eclectic award winning site: http://www.danskdynamit.com/

Take a look at his portfolio to see his wonderful work: http://battin.dk/

or for a more personal…ehem…feel for Philip have a look at his blog: http://blog.battin.dk


~ by Austin Maguire on August 12, 2008.

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