Interior of the week – Barrio North by Anarchitect

Barrio North

Barrio North

So obviously our first attraction to this design was that the tiles laid back-to-front look like chocolate biscuits 😉 But having looked through the available images and information behind the design we decided this would be a fine candidate for interior of the week ( or month at this stage, we promise to be better at finding interesting interiors to post!)

The inspiration for Barrio North was found in Hispanic culture and music. Situated in Islington, North London it couldn’t be further physically from the sun and warmth of the places it has taken its inspiration from. Conceptually the main issues were how to draw people into the space, given that there are many attractive bars in the area. The key to the project was to offer something different from its contemporaries.

Rather than merely copying the style of a Portuguese barrio, the designers have attempted to fuse elements of British culture and Latin flair, creating a very urban British view of a client-led barrio concept. With a low budget all decisions had to be carefully considered and skillfully executed. Responding to both the budget and envirnmental concerns, recycled tiles were reversed and re-used on the walls and re-cycled parquet adorns the walls.

A truely unique addition was a caravan found on ebay which was stripped down to its core and provides benches and features lightboxes for windows. And as music is a major driving force in the project a plywood wall unfolds as necessary, creating daytime benches, or evening high tables which can be folded away to create a late night dance area. Above, rows of reversed tiles await their personalisation. Barrio North invites customers to make their mark and this wall will grow over time, infecting the bar slowly.

Reversed bathroom tiles adorn the bar front with an orange laminated tongue acting as a bar top which guides you through the space. Plywood panels rising from the back bar envelop it and mimic the shape of the caravan further into the bar.

If you are lucky enough to be passing the area you can find more information about the bar ;

And the designers who created it;


~ by Austin Maguire on August 18, 2008.

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