Honest opinions @ ridiculousdesignrules.com


Ridiculous Design Rules offers a place to post conceited sound bites about design that you’ve heard from work mates, clients or anyone else who thinks they know more than you! Sounds like an instant hit to vent our gripes eh!

Their premise stated on the site is;

” Like it or love it, we all have rules that help us at work. “Leave it until the last minute.” “Never use a PC.” They make sense because they work for you, and you alone. When you try and make someone else follow them, they stop working and become a joke. The problem is that every rule related to, or governing, design is ultimately ridiculous. ”

Our old friend Phillippe Stark is the ‘lucky’ winner of last week’s poll on the site to find the most ridiculous figure featured. Unsurprisingly Starck beat off stiff competition from Bill Bland, Plato etc. to be crowned ‘The Most Ridiculous’ with a majority of 58%.

This week’s poll questions which is the most ridiculous building The Eiffel Tower, The Gherkin, The Bayterek Tower, or The Endless Column – Go on, vent away, cast your votes here.


~ by Austin Maguire on September 19, 2008.

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