Congratulations to our penguin, eep jr., who had 2 chicks in the new year!


Congratulations to eep Jr. whos flying our flag proud in Sourthern Chile. Above is a picture of eep Jr. and his two new chicks exploring the world outside their burrow. It is astonishing to think that just a few weeks ago they were not much bigger than a hen’s egg. When the chicks first hatched they were completely helpless. Their eyes were open, but they were unable to walk, and relied on Eep Jr. for everything, even body warmth. They were born with very thin feathers, called ‘protoptile plumage’, because at that stage in their growth the feathers must not insulate their bodies, because the chicks need the warmth from eep Jr. to pass through their feathers easily to keep them warm.

So now they are out and about and starting thier adventures in the world. Go eep!


~ by Austin Maguire on January 17, 2009.

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