Maser ‘HEART’ U


The following is a post on the wonderful about Maser, who we recently had the pleasure or watching him talk through his work, life and ambitions at last Autumns Sweettalk in the Sugar Club. has been a fan of Maser’s work for the past few years from his pieces at Lecky Picky to his regular installments at the Bernard Shaw.

Maser is a Dublin based graffiti artist and has been painting for over ten years in the Irish/International Graffiti scene, painting in such places as, New York, Copenhagen, London, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Sweden. He began studying fine art and continued on to Graduate with distinction in a BA in Design Communication (graphic design). From that he was Awarded Membership of the International Society of Typographic Designers, MISTD.

Within the last 2 years Maser has focused more on his painting/street art and has high ambitions to promote the positive aspects of the graffiti culture to the Irish society. Maser is a member of the TDA Klann and FOES Crew. The TDA Klann is Ireland’s premier graffiti crew, widely known for their unique and innovative style of writing. They have been running Ireland’s only outdoor graffiti festival since 1993 and fronting a movement of emerging talent.”

So as Dublin’s most prolific graffiti artist he is everywhere. His Maser loves U logo has dominated certain streets in the city for years so keep an eye out in a neighbourhood near you.


~ by Austin Maguire on February 16, 2009.

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