Interior of the…last few months!

Well we know it’s supposed to be a weekly feature, but we’ve been totally slack in posting our favourite interiors! This place is a cute little frozen yogurt shop (we do seem to like the little places!) SNOG who’ve just opened a second store in London. The graphics and website work really well to, the whole package is really tight!

SNOG exterior

SNOG exterior

Words from a member of the design team Cinimod Studio;

” Cinimod Studio developed a store design concept aimed at evoking the feeling of a perfect never-ending summer. The interior is deliberately quirky, with a photographic grass floor and a ‘digital sky’ which adjusts the mood of the store perpetually throughout the day and evenings. The bright pink brand colour forms the backdrop to the store.

For the exterior a new fascia signage panel has been designed which features an array of vertical slats of pink acrylic, and has already been hailed as an instant ‘design classic’. Beyond this sign the facade is kept simple, with seamless glazing allowing full views into the store and its sky.

The primary interior surfaces are all of standard architectural finishes that have been ‘tweaked’ to perform new design functions. The seamlessly printed ‘grass’ floor is a commercial first, as is the digital ceiling with its fully integrated services. For the white glass walls ICO Design has created a graphic interpretation of British flowers. At ground level, the ‘Shitake’ stools from Moroso, designed by Marcel Wanders, work with the bespoke marble tables with their turned wood bases to create a contemporary and relaxed take on garden furniture, suitable for our ‘captured’ summer environment.

SNOG is the first store to feature a fully digital ceiling, which has been seamlessly inserted as a key element within the design. Over 3,000 individually controllable LEDs have been deployed behind a Barrisol stretched plastic ceiling in order to create a bright light box video surface.Digitally captured and manipulated clouds move gently across the store, with their colour and speed determined by the time of day.

SNOG interior

SNOG interior

Even newer SNOG store

Even newer SNOG store

Go to to see further design elements 😀


~ by Austin Maguire on April 15, 2009.

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