Life in 2050; Thursday 22nd April – Tuesday 4th May 2010

Life on Mars, flying cars, alien integration and robots performing mundane household chores ought to be commonplace by 2010. But it hasn’t worked out the way it was predicted.

We have just celebrated the 40th anniversary of putting a human on the Moon and the start of the Internet. In the last 40 years we have seen major communication breakthroughs, giant leaps in computing power and miniaturisation.

We can genetically modify our food, we live longer and we can see planets orbiting our nearest star. But we aren’t living in Utopia – we still fight wars, we still have poverty and we still die of curable diseases.

Science fiction has often taken the future as a subject. In a new exhibition, ‘Life In 2050′, we have set the dial to 40 years from now and commissioned visual artists to imagine the future. How and where will we be living, what problems will still ail us, and what will have been our achievements?

Life in 2050 is an exhibition created by Transmission for the Sci-Fi London Film Festival. To learn about all the exhibits and exhibitors view the website:

Work will be exhibited from Thursday 22nd April – Tuesday 4th May 2010, at the Proud Central Gallery: 32 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 8BP. Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 11am – 7pm, admission is free.

All work will be displayed on their online gallery and prints will be available to buy at


~ by Austin Maguire on March 14, 2010.

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