Graphic Design Resume – Resources and Inspiration

As posted by Tara recently on the great

“I remember putting together my design resumes/curriculum vitaes in the past, I never quite knew how creative, or not I should make it. Mine started from the downright bizarre creative resume when I was in college (a pop up of my head) to something more formal with the addition of an icon or logo. Designing a resume for yourself is one of those things that’s always tricky, just like designing anything for yourself. You are your own worst client who doesn’t have a proper brief”

Some other posts about Graphic Design Resumes

The Graphic Design Resume Guide
A comprehensive blog post, going through everything you need to consider when designing your resume from choosing paper, layout, typograpy and required content.

Graphic Design Resumes: Plain or Different? Part I
Another debate on how creative a CV/resume should be with examples.

How Creative Should A Designer’s Resume Be?
Another argument for the creative resume with some design examples.

Graphic Designer Resume Sample
Again for content rather than style.

Graphic Designer Resume Tips
Tells you the information to include in your resume and what order it should go in (not for design style).

If you want to promote your self as a Graphic or Web Designer also take a look at the book mentioned in my previous post 10 Steps to Powerful Online Self Promotion for Creatives


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