David Gaughran – A Storm Hits Valparaiso

Debut novel by Irish Author David Gaughran set in the 19th Century amidst the liberation of a continent as revolutionary fervour sweeps across South America.

A Storm Hits Valparasio: In 1822, after twelve years of a dirty war, Spain was on the verge of losing her Empire. José de San Martín had liberated Argentina, Chile and Peru, while Simón Bolívar had freed Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. The two greatest figures in South American history met for the first and last time in Guayaquil to discuss the conclusion of the war, as neither man had sufficient troops to finish the Spaniards off. They met alone, and no historical record was made of their meeting. At the end of their talks, San Martín resigned as Protector of Peru and handed over control of the combined armies of Argentina and Chile to Bolívar. San Martín retired to become an anonymous farmer, while Bolívar went on to immortalise himself in the final victory. San Martín’s reasons for stepping aside have always remained a mystery.

This novel tells the story of San Martín and his rag-tag army of Indians, freed slaves and ex-convicts in their fight for freedom as war rages across a continent, culminating in that fateful meeting with Bolívar.

Visit www.davidgaughran.com to read the first chapter, and to learn more about the story and its characters.


~ by Austin Maguire on April 8, 2010.

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