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Want to pick our brains, challange us to a design, or tell us a story then leave a comment for Ali & Austin below, otherwise please contact Ambient Project though our website: Web Design Dublin

Inspiration at the Electric Picnic


3 Responses to “contact”

  1. Awh! that a lovely photo 🙂 Ali your so cute!!!

  2. Heya doin Ali,

    Mark Brophy here, I know its been a while but I need your help!?!
    If you can that is.

    The place im in at the moment has asked me to put together a web concept that they have form another place, now the problem is that Im not the may west with this kind of thing and I was wondering if I could maybe have a chat with you some time just to see if you could give me a few pointers.

    no worries if you cant, say hello to everyone that I might know,
    that I dont see, if you know what I mean.

    Cheers & merry xmas


  3. sorry Ali,
    thats not my email address, this is

    sorry not awake

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