things we like

The drifting shadows that clouds cast on mountain sides



Heinz Ketchup



A cold beer on a warm day

Sleepin in

Walking not driving

Jack & Coke

Sigur Ros

Making lists (that’ll be Ali)

Buying tshirts online

Filming drunken Gary

Portugal – Lisbon, Porto, Nazare, the ultimate chill-out!

Taking Photo’s

Poached Eggs, despite a few hic-up’s Ali’s cracked (hehe) it!

Railway tracks, preferably disused

A piece of chocolate a day

Spicy, hot thai food

Going to the cinema

Colemans English Mustard


Making Badges a tin or on the cob!

Patterns and colours

Retro things

MGMT at Oxegen 2008

Tasty cheese

KORMAC at Castle Palooza 2008…as much as we resisited we couldn’t help bopping along

NOISE CONTROL at Castle Palooza 2009…again we would have liked to resisit and again we couldn’t help bopping along

Tell us what do you like?


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